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Marjorie Alexander started her career as a filmmaker participating in more than 150 productions over the last decade in positions ranging from editor and script supervisor to director and producer. As an independent contractor in the film industry where everything is temporary and everything is for show Marjorie witnessed many of the wasteful, unsustainable and inefficient habits that plagued film productions of all sizes. In 2009 she redirected her skill set and broadened her client base producing commercials and other online media and marketing content for non-profit organizations, businesses and entrepreneurs but found much of the same environmentally harmful habits as she witnessed on movie sets.

Now as a sustainability professional and business consultant Marjorie has dedicated herself to helping entrepreneurs and film producers integrate more eco-friendly business habits. She advises individuals, companies and organizations on how to utilize green business principles to cut overhead, build relationships, improve employee health and increase revenue all while minimizing negative impact on the planet. Marjorie lives in Los Angeles where she also works for the California State Parks, does ecological restoration in her spare time and is a Master of Science candidate in Environmental Studies.

My Speakers Sessions

Wednesday, March 12

7:00pm PDT