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Karolyn Marshall B.A.

Customer service begins in-house – just as it did in the Marshall household.  Respect, honor and order were the dynamics of Karolyn M. Marshall’s home-life and a major example for how a business should treat its customers.  In her suburban Maryland home, there were high expectations of how family members treated each other, and even higher expectations for how guests were treated.

Inheriting her father’s keen eye for quality customer service, Karolyn developed an appreciation for businesses that demonstrated professionalism and attention to detail towards its customers.  She observed, however, that many businesses failed to practice such high quality service.  It seemed to exist only in exclusive areas of town.

After earning a B.A. degree in Economics from the University of Maryland, Karolyn became a financial counselor.  A move to San Antonio,Texas introduced her to the service of school teaching where she focused on her students’ strengths, not their weaknesses.  During this time, Karolyn also worked in service-oriented businesses, and earned a contract to teach customer service training to County employees.

After returning to the DC area, Karolyn worked in administrative support roles, and she now continues to refine her expertise in great customer service with “Karolyn’s Corner,” a weekly video and written blog. She also offers training to businesses.  Her mission is to revolutionize the customer service experience by means of recognition, coaching and training.

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